About us

CMN Maskintec A/S produces a full line product range for intelligent mechanical cleaning and weed control on all types of agricultural land.
CMN maskintec A/S is a Danish development and production company within agricultural machinery and garden/park machinery.
We are specialists in the following:
– Inter-row cultivators and row cultivators
– Mechanical control of root weeds
– Weeding
– Mechanical weed control.

The product range includes the following areas:
– Reduced soil treatment
– Direct sowing in nitrogen-fixing crops
– Mechanical weed control in agricultural crops
– Total cleaning of cultivated and uncultivated agricultural areas
– Cutting of discounts along roads
– Maintenance of sports fields
– Product development.

“At CMN Maskintec A/Ser we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and the 17 world goals. We have integrated these important principles into our daily operations and production processes. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world. We are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact through energy-efficient processes, the use of environmentally friendly materials and the minimization of waste. We are also dedicated to educating our employees on sustainability principles so that they can make informed choices in their work. We believe that every company has a responsibility to contribute to a better world, and we take this task seriously.”

“Our journey towards sustainability began many years ago when we realized the need to reduce our environmental impact. Today, we are proud to boast about our products and processes. We are also committed to promoting sustainable practices among our suppliers and partners.”

“As part of our commitment to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we have implemented several initiatives to reduce our CO2 emissions, including energy-saving technologies. We are also active in promoting recycling practices and reducing waste in our production processes.”

“We are aware that our actions have a direct impact on people’s lives around the world. That’s why we’re committed to acting responsibly and contributing to a fairer and more inclusive world.”

“Showing ourselves as a pioneer in sustainable production. Our innovative solutions are designed to tackle some of the most pressing global challenges, including climate change, resource scarcity and social inequality. We are dedicated to finding new ways to create a more sustainable future for all.”