Lawn/golf spring-tine harrow

Remove moss and dandelions and other types of weed on the green areas with the CMN lawn/golf spring-tine harrow.

The CMN lawn/golf spring-tine harrow is equipped with a specially hardened 5 mm double-coiled tine that cuts through to the bottom of the lawn and thus, errects the weed to be cut by the lawn mower. The result is that the grass gets the necessary space to become firmly established and capable of battling the weed. At the same time this improves the oxygen uptake to the roots just like a vertical cut.

The CMN lawn/golf spring-tine harrow is available in three models according to requirement or the terrain to drive on. The working width is from 2-6 m. Furthermore, it is possible to mount a pneumatic drill for fertilizer and seed and thus, ensure an even spread of the seeded material.

Pneumatic drill for seed and fertilizer.

By mounting a pneumatic drill on the spring-tine harrow, not only an even spread of seed and fertilizer is ensured but also a fast establishment of new grass or fast uptake of the fertilizer.

This is the result of the spring-tine harrow breaking the crust and removing dead grass and moss.

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