Weed Harrow / Flex-weeder


With more than 30 years’ experience in the field of mechanical weed control, CMN maskintec A/S is the company with the most comprehensive expertise in this area.

CMN maskintec A/S weeder harrows are known under the name CMN flex-weeder and are available in sizes from 2-24 metres.

As a main rule within mechanical weed control, seed weed is to be controlled by covering it. Therefore, it is important to till the soil as thoroughly as possible, without damaging the cultivated crop.

This is where the CMN flex-weeder differs from other weeder harrows in the market.

Pressure Compensation Test

Evaluation of each individual system

The below table shows an evaluation by The National Department of Farm Buildings and Machinery, concerning the ability of various pressure compensation systems to adjust to uneven surfaces in the field.

CMN Marsk-Stig Einböck
Reaktionstid 5 3 3
Reaktionsevne 4 4 4
Evne til at følge bakket terræn 5 3 3

(1: Not satisfacorily, 5: Very satisfactorily)

Click here for more information on the test: Trykudligningsudstyr

The CMN flex-weeder is equipped with 1 m sections that are centre mounted round its own central axis. Therefor, the harrow sections will not jump up and down at high speed or in heterogeneous soil classes. The just 1 m wide sections ensure that the harrow adjusts to unevenness in the field, across the direction of travel.
The CMN flex-weeder is equipped with special-built straight double-coiled tension spring tines, which are adjustable from 90° vertically to 45° backwards. Several years’ research has proved, that this tine ensures a very uniform tillage in depth and moves a large amount of soil, without damaging the cultivated crop. It has also been proven that the CMN tines bring up to 80 % less stones than other makes.
When mounting the CMN pneumatic seed drill onto the CMN flex-weeder, it is possible to establish the catch crop simultaneously with the last weed control harrowing. The CMN pneumatic seed drill is very suitable for seeding all small-seeded crops.
The CMN pneumatic seed drill FW280 is available with mechanical, infinitely variable transmission or with GPS controlled dosage, so called G Can. GPS-controlled seeders do not require GPS control in the tractor.
The CMN pneumatic seed drill, the ideal solution for mounting on to CMN harrows as well as on to other machines, e.g. ridge drills, rollers, stubble cultivators.