Full-line product range for intelligent mechanical weed control on all kinds of agricultural areas.

CMN maskintec A/S is a Danish production, and development company, within intelligent agricultural machinery, for reduced herbicide consumption as well as machines for organic farming


CMN maskintec A/S product range is covered by the following areas:

  • Reduced soil treatment
  • Direct sowing in nitrogen-fixing crops
  • Mechanical weed control in agricultural crops
  • Total cleanliness of uncultivated land
  • Grass Cutting
  • Maintenance of sports fields
  • Product development


The factory in Denmark produces the following products:

  • Quick – killer
  • Camera controlled cultivators /interrow cleaner
  • Side Shift Frame
  • Weed Harrow
  • Star roller
  • Straw Harrow
  • Pole Cutters

CMN maskintec A/S cooperates with skilled and carefully selected importers and dealers in Europe.


We are incredibly proud of Agromek 2022.

Both for our unique new C tooth on our cultivator / Interrow Cleaner and our auto control unit of working depth during operation.

CMN maskintec A/S is the only manufacturer of cultivators / interrow cleaners wich can deliver those options for season 2023.

Both systems are patent pending.