Intelligent Inter-row Cultivator and grain drill

CMN Inter-row cleaner / Inter-Row Cultivator

Prepared for your precision framing 

Update januar 2024.  NEW TO COME  SÆSON 2024

We will, in 2024 continue the fantastic development process we have been through with our Interrow cleaner / option for same as grain drill. This means, among other things. that we are ready to deliver the following:

  • 90 cm  ground clearance under the frame 
  • Heavy-duty and reinforced frame
  • Heavy-duty wheels on steering frame
  • Reinforced tension of our unique C-tooth
  • As well as there is still the unique opportunity to use the same machine as the sow machine for the establishment of grain and energy / protein  crops, you thereby save the purchase of a separate sowing machine.
  • Unique  Patent padden C – Tine 
  • Unique auto depth control  on wedding tines 


The intelligent CMN inter-row cleaner / inter-row cultivator and grain drill has gone through a lot off updates for the season 2023.

Therefore we are much proud to announce that the big international agricultural show Agromek has given us 5 (Stares) ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐

⭐⭐ for the new C tine. This tine is much unik in the design and functionality. This tine ensure a precise position on the share under working.

⭐⭐⭐ and a European news for our unik auto debt Control  on the parallelogram for controlling the presis working debt on the tines. This new development is CMN Maskintec A/S  the only manufactor  that can supply to the inter row  cleaner. It is an electro / hydraulic system.   The operator, can when he is working adjust the working debt from the tractor to a new set position, and  then the machine automatically-make the adjustments up and down during th ework to the new set point / new working debt.

With the CMN inter-row cultivator / Inter-row Cleaner grain drill you can handle both the easy and difficult tasks within cleaning of row crops.

The cultivator is available as a  front-mounting and rear-mounting og covers any row distance between 20 – 75 cm.

As new for the 2023 season you can now use the same machine first as a grain og Been dril at row distance 20-30 cm and there after you have the oppernutaty to how between the rowes with the same machine.

With the CMN inter-row cultivator / inter-row cleaner you achieve:

90 cm high frame

Unik tine setup

Unik auto. debt control on the tools working in the ground

Uniform cutting due to the horizontal goose discs.

Great flexibility in relation to soil class.

Uniform depth tillage due to the tightening device of the parallelograms.

The staggered disc coulters make it possible to get real close to the rows