FS1000 & FS1500 Front tank

CMN front tank model FS1000 and FS1500 Front mounted.

Universal tanks, that can be used for sowing of all crops and can be combined with one or more machine units.
CMN front tanks are fitted with a stepless oil bath gearbox which operates the cell wheel (sowing wheel) and tube roller for the dosage of the seeds.


The sowing wheel can easily be changed for sowing small seeds (ex. clover) or bigger seeds (ex.  beans).

After the seeds are metered out into the desired amount, they are transported into the hydraulically driven seeder cells.

Seeds and air are then combined into an air flow and transported to one or two distributors.The sowing wheel is lifted by the hydraulic of the tractor. It is possible to combine sowing wheel and marker in order to activate them both simultaneously.

Pneumatic Sowing Machine:

Calibration is done by a rotary sample at the sowing wheel.

Sowing distributors are available from 6 – 24 outlet, on demand. When operating in larger working width, it will be an advantage to place 2 distributers instead of one. This is because the air resistance can vary according to the length of the tubes.

Sowing machines which are equipped with GPS G -Can system have the following advantages:
1. No sowing wheel for driving the gearbox is necessary
2. Several additional functions are available that make your work easier, for example


Technical data:

Type Dosage Fan Oil amount Capacity Weight






TRL 2500


TRL 2500

20-50 l/min


20-50 l/min

1000 l


1590 l

290 kg


355 kg