Straw cultivator

Straw Cultivator Vario

Straw Cultivator Vario with stubble roller


CMN straw cultivator – trailed 16m or a 3 point link machine –  The efficient solution against seed weed and to activate the germination of waste seeds, as well as an effective distribution and moulding down of cut straw.  Another positive side effect is the reduction of snails.

The CMN straw cultivator is available with fixed tines or variable tine-angle, both models are 3-point-hitched implements but can also be used semi-mounted.

The spring-tine harrow has an individual tine distance of 50 cm and an effective tine distance of 10 cm. The specially shaped CMN spring-tine has a dimension of ø 16 mm. The spring is double-coiled and the spring-tine has a free height of 65 cm. Those facts in combination make it possible for the CMN spring-tine harrow to work in very large amounts of organic material without clogging.

The 16 mm tines at the Vario model are straight, however the angle can be adjusted from 90° vertical to 45° directed rearward. This is carried out by hydraulic tine regulation and series
connection. That means every tine applies equal pressure onto the ground.

The best composting effect of the cut straw is achieved when using the straw cultivator after the combined harvester, since the microorganism are most active at that point.

The CMN straw cultivator is available in 3, 6, 8, 12 and 16 m  working width.

Novelty: The CMN Vario straw cultivator is now available with stubble rollers.

This results in a more effective decomposition of the stubble, after distribution of straw and activation of weed seeds. The rollers are hydraulically controlled, which allows you to determine the amount of pressure between the tines and rollers.

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