Star Cleaner / Rotor Weeder

CMN Star Cleaner / CMN Rotor Weeder  solves problems like:

Crust breaking in the spring

Weed control in most crops

Boggie suspended star rollers

Individual spring pressure

Large capacity 15 – 20 km per hour


CMN star-cleaner / Rotor Weeder processes approx. 5% of the soil and a solution around 10%. This means that when you break the crust, you break the surface and oxygen can get to the roots.

If star-cleaner is used for weed control, it is important to run as soon as the  weed has emerged, as all control here takes place by covering and not tearing up.

The individual stars are bogie suspended, this means that they have a quiet ride at high speed and unevenness in the field. The spring pressure is set individually on the carrier arm, of great importance where the machine is used where combing is done

CMN star-cleaner / CMN Rotor Weeder  is available from 6 – 12 m